Happy. Healthy. Wise. 


We are so excited to share a fresh, healthy perspective on the 2017-2018 academic program of the Alpha Omega Study Club. As clinicians, we recognize the enormous amount of time and energy spent taking care of patients and being actively engaged in our work…time that is sometimes borrowed from the reserve meant for our own health and well-being. This year, we wanted to design a program that reflected your needs and desires for a more hands-on approach to learning, and expand this concept to reach beyond the walls of your own practice. We have a strong desire to help this dental community re-center on what matters most: taking care of yourself so that you can take the best care of those you care for and faithfully serve.


This website is designed you will find a brief outline of our academic calendar. A more in-depth brochure with your registration form will be delivered to all members in August. We look forward to sharing this next journey to a happier, healthy, wiser version of you!


Be Well,

The Alpha Omega Study Club Team