wise COUNCIL is hard to come by. 

These guys set the bar high. 

We believe that one of the reasons we have such an outstanding tribe is due to the wise council that we have received over the years. Our Advisory Board meets bi-annually to discuss our academic year in depth to pour over surveys, notes, and discuss member recommendations and comprehensive clinical needs in order to make each year better than the one before. They are the first people that we reach out to when seeking guidance and leadership for our treatment planning sessions. They respect, honor, and admire one another as professionals and as friends, believing that we practice better when we practice LIFE together. And to be honest, we'd be lost without them. We're thrilled to introduce you to the 2018-2019 Tribal Council! 


*Dr. Doug Fry, Orthodontist (McMinnville/ Newberg)

Dr. Randy Heiman, Endodontist (McMinnville/ Newberg)

*Dr. Mark Miller, General Dentist (Portland)

*Dr. Todd Hyder, General Dentist (McMinnville)

*Dr. Kyle Kern, General Dentist (Newberg)